Making Strides and Changing Lives

Fatherless Forgiveness

Our International Campaign that invokes the awareness of the importance of a Fathers Presence





Making Strides in Changing Lives

The I Love U Dad Foundation exist to empower, enlighten, educate, enliven and connect every participant, in particular, young people who live an any kind of Fatherless situation.

We stand with the belief and the knowing that everyone has Purpose and Destiny even those the world tend to forget about. I Love U Dad is focused on bring the best out of each of our participants by encouraging Vision and Forgiveness

The I Love U Dad Foundation will empower the Fatherless Youth in our community, connect Fathers with Coaching & Development and support single Mothers with resources in our community.

  • igniting purpose
  • encouraging passion
  • embracing creativity
  • generating forgiveness

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Authentic Souls Being about True Change
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L. Michael Burt

L. Michael is Founder & CEO of The I Love U Dad Foundation. L. Michael’s grew up in a Fatherless situation and his dream is that all youth connect to their Purpose & Destiny no matter their situation.
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Jaimes Timas

Co-Founder/Community Relations Director
Jaimes Timas is the Co-Founder & Community Relations Director. He leads ILUD in Public Relations, Events, Social Networking while creating the awareness of Fatherlessness and focuses on the transformation of our youth.
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Kohran Johnson

Co-Founder/Youth Program Director
Kohran Johnson, also known as Coach Kohran or Coach Johnson, is a passionate and powerful educator of young people. He understands the need of a Father in a child’s life and has dedicated his life to serving youth in many ways.

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